PHILIPPINE Society for Cosmetic Surgery



  • 47th PSCS Annual Congress/Founding Anniversary (out-of-town)
  • August 10-11, 2019
  • Taal Vista Hotel Ballroom 3
  • Day 1 - am Team building and sports activity
  • Day 1 - pm Fellowship night
  • Day 2 - pm Anniversary/Induction Ceremonies/Congress
  • List of INDUCTEES (new Fellows, Sub-Specialty Members, Trainees and Honorary Fellows)
  • 48th PSCS Annual Congress (GLOBAL)
  • October 2020


  • Induction and Turnover Ceremonies/Post-Christmas Celebration
  • January 15, 2019 Marco Polo Hotel
  • PSCS Strategic Planning and 1st Board Meeting
  • February 16 and 17, 2019 Horizon Club, Shangri-La The Fort
  • PSCS General Assembly
  • February 21, 2019 Roofdeck, Centuria Medical Makati
  • PSCS 1st Monthly Scientific Meeting
  • March 14, 2019 Unilab Bayanihan Main Hall
  • Topic: Periorbital Rejuvenation by Dr. Raynald Torres
  • Quarterly updates of past PSCS activities by Dr. Lloyd delos Santos and Exequiel Yumang


  • Historical signing of MOU for cooperation and partnership between 3 international Cosmetic Surgery Organisations in Asia
  • The Haus, 17th floor Centuria Medical Makati, Philippines
  • Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery (PSCS), Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery (KCCS), and Thai Association and Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine (TACS)
  • Signatories: Dr. Rosario Ballecer (PSCS President 2017-2018), Dr. Kyoung-Jin "Safi" Kang (KCCS founder and President), and Dr. Thanavatt Chotima (TACS President)
  • Witnessed by PSCS, KCCS and TACS Board, and Dr. Corazon Collantes-Jose.
  • Journal on Cosmetic Medicine (Korea) includes 2 PSCS fellows as editors of the prestigious medical/surgical publication
  • Dr. Al Farabi L. Jaafar and Dr. Angel de Larrazabal
  • First issue, September 2017
  • PSCS Secretariat finally launched in Centuria Medical Makati rm 1717
  • Inaugural date September 23, 2017
  • Project director: Dr. Al Farabi L. Jaafar
  • PSCS confers as Honorary Faculty Members (to its Fellowship Training Program) and Honorary PSCS Membership to 8 KCCS Fellows
  • Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
  • March 17, 2017
  • 1. Kyoung-Jin(Safi) Kang, MD PhD FKCCS (Founder KCCS)
  • 2. Woong-Chul Choi, MD PhD FKCCS (President KCCS)
  • 3. Ji-Yun Choi, MD PhD FKCCS
  • 4. Juwan Park, MD PhD FKCCS
  • 5. Il-Gyu Kang, MD PhD FKCCS
  • 6. Dong-Young Yang, MD FKCCS
  • 7. Kisu Sung, MD FKCCS
  • 8. Kyung Chun An, MD FKCCS
  • KCCS confers International Membership to 5 Teaching Faculty Members of the PSCS
  • 1. Corazon Collantes-Jose, MD FPSCS
  • 2. Rosario Ballecer, MD FPSCS
  • 3. Angeles de Leon, MD FPSCS
  • 4. Al Farabi Jaafar, MD FPSCS FPCS FPSGS
  • 5. Angel de Larrazabal, MD FPSCS FPCS FPSGS
  • PSCS Fellowship Training Program Committee
  • Chairman - Dr. Konrad Aguila
  • Members - Dr. Raynald Torres, Dr. Eric Salcedo​


     The Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery or PSCS, is a professional medical society dedicated to patients' safety and physicians' continuing education in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery in the Philippines.

    It was founded in 1972 and to date has over 90 active cosmetic surgeons. The PSCS is an affiliate society of the Philippine Medical  Association (PMA)  and  is an organization  that represents  Cosmetic Surgeons. Members are specialists in their own field who acquired  skills  and knowledge in the science of surgical aesthetics by undergoing formal subspecialty training in cosmetic surgery.

     The PSCS, conducts monthly Scientific & Business Meetings as well as annual local and international conventions with live-surgery workshops.

     The mission of the  Philippine  Society  for  Cosmetic  Surgery or PSCS is to provide comprehensive and safe aesthetic enhancement through cosmetic surgery by well-trained and board certified surgeons. Its vision is to be the leading organization of cosmetic surgeons in Asia and the world.

     Cosmetic surgeons undergo training in a surgical specialty before they can be accepted to sub-specialty cosmetic surgery fellowship training at the Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery (PSCS).

 Trainors are by themselves board certified cosmetic surgeons and are highly qualified  and  respected  by local and international organizations of cosmetic surgeons.  


     Throughout history, beauty has been a part of the well-being of all humanity, and belongs to all mankind. No special group or person may claim ownership of beauty. It is an essential nature of being human.      

     Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery is dedicated to the perfecting of beauty. In keeping with the free development of all scientific thought, and because of the extremely specialized nature of the field of surgical beautification, we declare this specialty as autonomous and independent of any other area of surgery. 

     Cosmetic Surgery will not be subject to the judgements, regulations, or opinions of any other specialty. This self-determination of these surgical professionals who choose to dedicate themselves to the perfection of beauty, will not accept the interference of organizations representing other specialties, or their members. 

     This constitutes a declaration of our rights to best practice our field, dedicating our highest effort to this elusive and demanding ideal. 

Tokyo, Japan, April 8, 2000


  • PSCS 6th Monthly Scientific Meeting 2019
  • September 12,  2019 (Thursday)
  • Venue to follow (BGC)
  • Topic 1: Case report on chin erosion from silicone implant 
  • Topic 2: Data Privacy Law

2019-2020 PSCS Executive Officers and Board of Directors

  • President - Dr. Al Farabi Lee Jaafar
  • Vice-President - Dr. Konrad Aguila
  • Secretary - Dr. Oliver Diaz
  • Treasurer - Dr. Angel de Larrazabal
  • ​Auditor - Dr. Medina Malit
  • PRO - Dr. Fatima Regala
  • Directors - Dr. Jay Crisostomo, Dr. Mariano Agcaoili
  • Financial Secretary - Dr. Exequiel Yumang
  • Ex-Officio - Dr. Rosario Ballecer